legal education


To increase the legal literacy of non-lawyers and re-educate lawyers in the spirit of the rule of law.


In a country with ongoing battle for the establishment of new fair rules of life, the profession of lawyer becomes especially important. In Ukraine, this profession has become popular and in-demand. On the other hand, the number of graduates with the national law degree has not turned into quality. Thus, a popular phrase sounds quite convincing: “There are many lawyers, but not enough professionals!”

A person, who asks for a doctor, expects to get high-quality medical care. Why should lawyers have other criteria? Lawyers are doctors of the State and the Law. They should respect their profession and its values. The legal field has recently introduced the word “integrity”. Now the country especially needs such lawyers with integrity.

The cult of legal education should have been organically transformed into a culture of knowledge and skills. The majority of Ukrainian employers say that law graduates lack practical skills. Consequently, the problems of law education generate one of the main directions of the activities of the DEJURE Foundation.


to strengthen the practical aspect of legal knowledge by public and non-formal education;

to implement projects on legal education for non-lawyers;

to update educational programmes through the prism of the rule of law.