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The first 9 candidates who failed integrity tests made it into the finals of the Supreme Court selection process

The High qualification commission of judges of Ukraine (the HQCJ) ignored the negative conclusions of the Public Integrity Council (the PIC) regarding all the nine candidates to the Supreme Court interviewed on February 19, 2019.

On the first day of its plenary session, the HQCJ considered candidates who do not comply with the criteria of integrity and professional ethics according to the findings of the PIC. The HQCJ had either to shortlist the candidates to the finals of the Supreme Court selection process or to exclude them. However, all nine candidates were shortlisted and got the chance of being selected the highest court in the country.

Among these candidates are judge Oleksii Bryntsev, whose relatives previously represented interests of former President Yanukovych in courts and worked as assistants to his colleagues, as well as Maxym Titov, who was involved in dragging on the judicial proceedings in Maidan cases and imposed fines on “AutoMaidan” activists. The HQСJ also ignored that another candidate, Mikhailo Vilhushynskyi has not declared three cars in his possession. three cars, which were not declared by another candidate.

Sergii Borovyk also passed to the finals though he has not declared any real estate at his place of work in Cherkasy during 2015-2017. Valerii Kartere also passed the integrity test although he often travels to Russia and is involved in the intrusion in the work of automated system of distribution of cases of the Supreme Economic Court, which is currently investigated by the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Hennadii Hryshyn was also passed despite the fact that he delivered verdicts reviewed in the by the European Court of Human Rights in cases “Lutsenko v. Ukraine” and “Zahorodnii v. Ukraine” cases where the court has found violations of human rights.

Please peruse the facts that evidence the lack of integrity of the other three HQCJ-approved candidates – Svitlana Vus, Serhii Yeremeichuk and Andrii Riabishynhere. The HQC will consider another 10 nominees on February 20, 2018, starting from 10:00 a.m. Live broadcasting is available under this link.

We remind that the HQCJ is currently considering the candidates to the Supreme Court, among which it will select 78 winners. The PIC analyzed 235 candidates using the information from their judicial dossiers and open-source information from registries. The PIC provided the HQCJ with its conclusions on 71 candidates, however, the HQCJ agreed only with over the third of them.

Source: Public Integrity Council